ALOHA KE AKUA -
                  BEING THE SACRED
                       RETREAT VACATION

Star ki Tara  l  Aloha ke Akua  Retreat Vacation
To reserve and secure an attendee slot allotted for this special event a deposit of $650. is required.  From:  August 2017 -through- October 15, 2017 - Early Bird Special - pricing is in effect, a 10%
discount, on both the overall price, as well as the Deposit amount.
The total [non-discounted] package cost of  $2,650.  is for all seven (7) days and covers all overnight stays, individual speaker events, multiple speaker groups, interactive Q&A sessions and multiple, guided visualization, spiritual journeys. 

It does not include food.  Though, please know, restaurants, delis, cafes & grocery stores are within a quick 5-10 minute drive from the center.  And refrigerators are in every room/cottage.

It does include live music performances provided by world famous, celestial & spiritual musician:
** Important note:   All conference, spiritual, sky, star vacation retreat, special event, seminar & workshop registration, and/or ticket sales, are final and non-refundable;  except  in extraordinary circumstances, such as cancellation due to the death/loss of a spouse or family member.   *** In the case of this specific special event, deposits are non-refundable.***   'Really sorry to have to make this statement at all, it is the nature of how money is used on this planet ... in order to ensure protection against financial loss.**
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Early Bird - Reservation/Registration Deposit:  
EarlyBird pricing - Should you wish to pay the total
amount in full at this time, you may do so:
Michael Hammer
The balance of the total will be due approximately one (1) month, 
by Sunday, December 31, 2017, before this special event.
Pricing for local Hawaiian People who will not be staying overnight(s) at our retreat centers:
mid-late October - 2022