ALOHA KE AKUA -
                  BEING THE SACRED
                       RETREAT VACATION

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Speakers schedule:
The seven (7) day schedule of activities has not yet been set.  As soon as we have it arranged, it will be posted here in the form of a .PDF file.    Also, please note, there will be many, "Speaker Groups", interactive 'Q&A' Sessions...  between the various Speakers and you the attendees.  This will happen in a very relaxed setting, sitting comfortably, with you the attendees being able to ask numerous,  multiple questions over this 7 day period.   There will also be able personal time... to go explore & enjoy. 
[note:  The total package cost is for all seven (7) days and covers overnight stay, individual speaker events, multiple speaker groups, interactive Q&A sessions and multiple, guided visualization, spiritual journeys.  It does not include food.  Though, please know, restaurants, delis, cafes & grocery stores are within a quick 5-10 minute drive from the center.  It does include live music performances provided by celestial & spiritual musician:  Michael Hammer.]
Total retreat package cost:  $2,650.
Amount to secure your reservation:  $650.
Thursday - below, to/be/determined
Friday -
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mid-to- late October 2022
[see                    page, live link here, or directly above, or click on each of their photos for their brief - Bios.  These  are  the  speakers  who have  have committed to the conference.   We are expecting a total of   twelve (12) speakers / presenters in all.]
Keynote Speaker
Suzanne Goulet
Special Guest
Executive Producer:
This spiritual sky, star journey and retreat vacation is organized and produced by:  Tolec, with significant on Island assistance by:
Special Guest
Thursday -  5:00PM - 7:30PM
Speakers - Meet & Greet
Official Opening Ceremonies
Thursday:  9:AM - 10:00AM
your spiritual sky, star journey retreat vacation now!
Shilea Gordon
Kumu Mana’olana
Uplift the Totality of You
Expect this to be a truly relaxing individual, and group, interactive vacation retreat with many opportunities for very informative two way dialogues between you and the various Speakers.
This wonderous spiritual journey will be held on the Big Island of Hawaii above Kealakekua Bay [pronounced: Kay-ahla Kay-Kuah] located on the Kona coast, the mid west coast, of the island of Hawaiʻi about 12 miles south of Kailua-Kona.
A Spiritual Sky, Star Journey & Retreat Vacation
mid-late October
2022 Star ki Tara  l  Aloha ke Akua - 
Being the Sacred,  Hawaii Event
We  are  excited  to  announce  the  - 
note:   for the highest kind of inspiration regarding this specific Hawaii Conference, spiritual sky, star journey & retreat vacation - please read the words of Shilea Gordon on the "About" page of this web site.  To say that she was very eloquent and deeply touching regarding her thoughts about this specific location, and the highest goals for this special event, would be very accurate.   
2021 Star ki Tara  Aloha ke Akua -
Being the Sacred, Retreat Vacation
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This combined conference, spiritual sky, star journey & retreat vacation will take place at a private, secluded, sanctuary center over-looking Kealakekua Bay.

Be assured, this will be a conference & also a week long personal journey of self discovery, greater awareness & expansion, for each person who will attend.  I anticipate it will truly be a transformative experience for all of us.   Due to the relatively small size of the private center where the speaking events will be held, the number of attendee tickets allotted will only be approximately: 44.  Therefore expect this to be a highly personal, engaging & interactive event between all of the attendees and the Speakers.   Various workshops will be included.
Aloha, greetings
“Mahalo” – May You be in Divine Breath.
“Aloha” – The Presence of Divine Breath.
"Aloha kâua" – May there be friendship between us.
*  "KP" Kauliapele
*  Joan Ocean
*  Tolec
*  Michael Hammer
*  Shilea & Zandriel
*  Suzanne Goulet
*  Hope Kaewe  -  Hawaiian Kumu
"Kuleana... aloha aina" - Respect the land... love the land.
2022 Star ki Tara  l  Aloha ke Akua - 
Being the Sacred,  Hawaii Event
[see below - photos & web site links of all Speakers]
A Spiritual Sky, Star Journey Retreat Vacation
Special Guest
Special Guest
Special Guest
Suzanne Ross
Suzanne Goulet
Whalesong Sanctuary is a magical and inspirational place to experience the Aloha Spirit and interact with the wildly raw nature of Hawaii.

It sits at 350 feet elevation, overlooking beautiful Kealakekua Bay, which is home of the spinner dolphins.  The Bay is just a 10 minute walk away.

Allow the magnificent vistas, warm breezes, ocean, earth, sunshine, and fiery volcanoes to heal and nourish your mind, body & soul. 

The beautiful Balinese inspired architecture and many hand carved statues, art and furniture imported from Bali permeate the Property.  A huge lanai offers a ton of space and is great place to have meals &/or meetings, while taking in the gorgeous ocean and garden views…
Why, you may ask.   As I mentioned above, this is a limited attendance, special event.   Only approximately 44 attendees will be accepted.  And,

at this primary center, Whale Song Sanctuary, where the Speakers will be staying, and where they will also be speaking, presenting, conducting workshops & and guided spiritual meditative journeys...  there are only a limited number of  rooms available at this specific facility.

So, should you wish to stay, specifically, at the Whale Song Sanctuary... the sooner you book & lock in your reservation, here on this web site, the more likely you will be able to stay at this specific location.   With only 44 available reservations, and limited numbers of rooms at this location, these slots will go quickly.   Do know that the secondary and tertiary lodging facilities will be close by... only a short 5 minute walk to Whale Song Sanctuary. 

Accommodations are Double Occupancy, two (2) people per room.   Should you be joining us as in individual, there will be an upcharge applied to your overall fee, as a single person in one (1) room. 
I have learned, in Hawaiian ways, words have "mana", meaning spiritual or divine power.  And, aloha & mahalo are among the most sacred and powerful.

“On a spiritual level, aloha is an invocation of the Divine and mahalo is a Divine blessing.   Both are acknowledgements of the Divine that dwells within and without.”   And so –
featuring world famous, celestial & whale song musician -  Michael Hammer
Please click on this photograph to see & hear a performance by Michael Hammer - from the show:  "Bridging Heaven & Earth"
[during your week long stay]
Brief Overview
Meanwhile the main Kitchen, Living & Dining areas will provide us with more than enough additional space for any of our group’s gatherings.

At Whalesong Sanctuary, each morning begins with the sounds of the ocean mixed with the sweet songs of various birds.

Over looking the wide expanse of the vast pacific ocean as it meets the shore line is a sight that is never forgotten, and this memory is taken home with each & every guest whom experiences it.
Majestic Pali cliffs surround Whalesong Sanctuary and fill the soul with a sense of being cradled in the arms of our creator… protected and at peace.   The scent of flowers fill the air as tropical breezes caress your skin. 
This retreat sanctuary will allow you to enjoy all of benefits of physically attending a conference, the hours of camaraderie,  friendship & conversations with others, like you, who are passionate about the various topics this vacation retreat will address... workshops, meditative high vibrational journeys, and the peace & solitude of staying above Kealakekua Bay, in the clear air & breezes of a tropical paradise.
[Once you arrive from the airport]  -  For directions please click on this .PDF file link.  You will find complete one-page instructions taking you from the Airport right to the Whale Song Retreat Sanctuary.
[ this will be provided in the near future ]
Whale Song Retreat Sanctuary
Shilea Gordon
Special Guest
Special Guest
Special Guest
Guest Musician
Michael Hammer
Joan Ocean
Joan Ocean
Michael Hammer
"I KA PONO MEA" –  All Things are in Divine Order.
Mahealani Kuamo'o-Henry
Event Production
Please see the Registration page for the - Early Bird Discount Special - currently being offered.
"Mahalo nui loa" –   Thank you very much.
Hope Keawe
Hope Kaewe
Jenny Marks