ALOHA KE AKUA -
                  BEING THE SACRED
                       RETREAT VACATION

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Back in early November 2016, I/Tolec asked Shileah [who's lived in Hawaii for many years now, has solemn, sacred respect for this beautiful land] for some of her thoughts as to why this incredible, blessed place, above  Kealakekua Bay on the Big Island of Hawaii, might be the best location for this Hawaii 'conference' and spiritual sky, star journey and retreat vacation. The depth of her answer was profound.   Rather than try to recapture the essence of what she said, because her words were so blessed and eloquent, I will provide for you here, below, the full context of her thoughts & words:

"...Tolec and friends of the Andromeda Council offer a Hawaiian spiritual sky star journey & retreat from May 25-31, 2017 around a theme of a journey of discovery and direct experience of our human origins as starlight and love, waterborne as the hidden 8th sister in whose womb is carried, a cosmic aloha child filled with a promise to redeem and potentiate a fusion of many disparate star races and end a cosmic war that has raged in the Milky Way and beyond.

Through the power of ho o pono pono within our very DNA and ancestry, genetic and star lineages far beyond duality, we intend that a new universe may at last be born.  As Earth is the hidden heart of the cosmos, and Hawaii the secret heart of the Earth, this act of comprehension and creation in the unified quantum field of love may light the fractal spark of ignition of a new form of love among the worlds.

In the words of the Founders of the Founders and the Mothers of Creation  - 
"Star children of our hearts who have traveled into the farthest reaches of cosmic night we embrace you as our very selves.   We foresaw eons ago the hopes and dreams of many worlds you would carry as you most indivisible and inviolable potential.   For as you and others of your soul family move closer and closer to union with each other and your source and essence levels, a great conflagration of light will explode across the galaxies, reconjoining that which has long been torn asunder. This will occur at the foundation of creation itself birthing a flood of peace, of grace, of the palpable, profound support of love through the feeling tones of the planet in a way that is new. This is the healing of spirit felt at the cellular, emotional, and physical levels that you all have longed for and remembered from the world of your origins.

And thus we give you a small glimpse of the mighty fountain head from which you sprang of the power of love and the passionate, fiery, liquid unction that shall transform your world and with it the wounds of history and the unfolding of your galaxy."   [Message received 12/25/1997]

We will take many journeys to strengthen our light bodies and discover each one, our individual soul revelations, through the dimensions and star reaches of the mystery within us of our birth in love and the many facets of our gifts and our bonds within the family of light within us as our own soul, and without us, as our loved ones remembered and reunited in the unified field of love." ~
Shileah Gordon